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Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission here at "Happily Ever After Home Child Care & Preschool" is to help every child reach his/her full potential and succeed.  Our intention is to provide a high quality developmentally appropriate program that meets the needs of each individual child in an environment that is warm, safe, and nurturing.

Our program is based on the philosophy that children need time to be children and experience their childhood. Children gain the love for learning when learning is fun, and our program knows children will use the lessons they learn during childhood throughout their lives.


Our theme-based curriculum offers children a vast number of opportunities to explore through play. Learning centers throughout the indoor and outdoor classrooms give children a variety of opportunities to explore and create. We use music, art, dramatic play, storytelling, games, books, and experiments to bring our themes to life.

The first responsibility of our teachers is to maintain the well-being of each child. Secondly the teacher’s role is to plan, guide and execute the program's theme-based curriculum’s activities that will help each individual child grow naturally in all areas of development, including social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.

At "Happily Ever After Home Child Care & Preschool", we appreciate parents supporting our program overall. Parent and Family involvement helps to create a strong school community where children can thrive.  Parental involvement in a child’s education is important to a child’s growth and development. Our program offers an open-door policy and invites parents and families throughout the year to a variety of events such as open houses. Parents and families are invited to share cultural background experiences with our teachers and children.

We strive to meet each child’s individual needs, interests, ability levels and cultural diversity. Our program embrace’s individual differences and encourages students to respect and embrace differences as well. Children at our program will experience interactions with their peers and the environment while given the opportunity to make choices in an atmosphere of warmth, support, and encouragement.

Ultimately, the goal at "Happily Ever After Home Child Care and Preschool" is to provide children with the experiences they need to help them reach his/her full potential and succeed.

Let's Play, Learn and Grow Together

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