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We assumed guardianship for our grandson when he was six months old. He began attending day care at Miss Kim’s just a short while after that. We can’t state passionately enough how blessed we were to find her! He is now a thriving, active, healthy, creative five-year old—and that is in no small part due to the care and love which Miss Kim has lavished on him over the past four years. Miss Kim provides just the right balance of play and work; firmness and fun; freedom and responsibility. We are always amazed at how generous she is with her time, talent, and resources. She goes way beyond the norms and requirements to provide a child care environment which is safe, nurturing, and exciting. We are always amazed at the wonderful projects our grandson brings home, at the new discoveries he has made at Miss Kim’s, and at how eager he is to hop in the car in the morning to drive off to meet his teacher and his friends there. Miss Kim is a fount of experience, and wears well the wisdom she has gained through her years as a child care provider. During the COVID crisis, she remained in constant contact with us, helping us through the most difficult days. She has been a valuable source of information and guidance as we begin the transition to Kindergarten. We are confident that our grandson will be well prepared to meet the next stage of his life successfully because of his life-changing experiences at Miss Kim’s.  ~ Jeffrey's Grandparents

All three of my boys have attended Happily Ever After Childcare. One thing that makes home based care special to me is the relationships, and Miss Kim forms strong, caring connections with both the children in her care and their families. I also appreciate all she has taught my children ranging from potty training to a love of reading to sharing and creativity. She is also easy to talk to and does her best to make every day fun! I am impressed with her increased emphasis on spending time outdoors. I always know I can trust that my children are safe when at school, and I am grateful.  ~ Arlo, Clark & Ronan's Mom

We’ve been sending our boys to Ms. Kim since they were babies. As a new mom I was scared to let someone else take care of my kids, but from the beginning Ms. Kim has been a partner in caring for our kids. She has worked with us on our approach to parenting, she is often the one who first notices symptoms of illness, and when we’re not sure what to do she is our sounding board as an experienced mom and provider.

As an educator myself, I love the program Ms. Kim has developed. In response to COVID, she completely revamped her whole approach and created an amazing outdoor classroom and nature playground. My active boys love learning and playing in this environment. I also love the small, multi-age group. The older kids become models for the younger ones, and the younger kids can look up to the older ones. Finally, the individualized play-based education, that now includes music and cooking, meets the needs of all the kids. They are learning so much!

Our kids are always happy when I pick them up in the afternoon. They have great friends, and we know they are loved and cared for. We highly recommend Happily Ever After Home Daycare and Preschool.  -R. J. & Weston's Mom

My daughter has been attending Happily Ever After Child Care for years and we both couldn’t be happier.  She has received an extraordinary education and has already learned her ABCs, counting, writing her name, etc.  There isn’t a day that she doesn’t come home very proud and excited to discuss what new topic she learned about that day. She is consistently engaged in a variety of activities in an amazing classroom and outdoor space. 

My daughter looks forward to going to school each morning, and it is comforting to know that she is safe, learning and having fun.  Miss Kim provides a full day of structure, creativity, education, and fun that is allowing my daughter to thrive!"  ~ Hannah's Mom

Both of my children attended Kim's daycare before entering kindergarten. Not only were they socially prepared to be in school, but they were also academically prepared with pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills. Kim's daycare became a second home to my children and they continue to ask to visit and have playdates with the other kids they attended with. She's amazing!  ~ Kasey's Mom

"Miss Kim is the best." - That has been a common phrase heard around my house and in my family for the last 5 and a half years. It has been said at least once this week and my daughter has (sadly) been out of Kim's care for a year and a half. You could not ask for a better daycare provider, or friend. She goes above and beyond daily to care for, and teach, each one of the kids. Kim is valued and respected by every caregiver and child that enters her home. The kids spend each day having fun and feeling safe and loved. As a parent, I couldn't ask for anything better for my children. We love Miss Kim!  ~ Bailey's Mom

For a total of 8 years, Miss Kim provided childcare for my kids. She was reliable, friendly, and provided wonderful care to my children while my husband and I worked. We still consider Kim a great friend and my kids love sharing memories of the fun they would have while under her care. I would recommend Kim to anyone – I truly feel my kids are better people because she played a significant role during their formative years.  -Joielynn and Ethan's Mom

Miss Kim provided childcare for my children for 5 years. During this time, she moved from being a childcare provider to just like a member of our own family.  I never had to worry about my kids' happiness or well-being while they were with Miss Kim.  She provided a structured, fun, caring home for my children to stay in while I went to work, and I had the peace of mind that they were cared for and happy.  I would recommend Kim's home daycare without hesitation to anyone.  ~ Claire & Jack's Mom

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